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Live, group classes will resume when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Until then, we are offering a superior, digital, water safety and basic swim skills course

because we know the importance of keeping your loved ones safe.



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For Pop-Ups
Our mission is to use aquatics as a vehicle for development. Swim to live, Socialize to learn, and Sample to enjoy while supporting the life process around water; with increasing opportunities for education, fun, and the harmony of diverse environments. 
To book a Pop Up please
 Tel: 202-681-9905
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Splash Class

Pop Up Group Swim Lesson: Leveled Swim Instruction - The curriculum is focused on safety skills, critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, kinetics, and enjoyment. These skills will provide a more complete understanding of water benefits and dangers and the student’s connection to nature and the world around them. Our curriculum maintains adherence to high standards and is continually updated and improved.