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Swimaginary is an aquatic network of learning, fun, and exploration. We provide opportunities to learn water safety and swimming skills through private, group, or virtual lessons (on-demand courses). We also have pop up events for "splash sports," family socials, learn-to-swim classes, and fun, water safety activities. We believe all people should learn water safety and basic swim skills. These skills will provide a life of safety and fun.
 We are your Water Safety Pop-Up Family.
(...a division of Geechee Beach, LLC)


Swimaginary travels offering workshops, classes, and water fun events!


Join us for the National Water Safety Conference
February 12 - 15, 2024

Karen Yvette is a speaker on 2/15/24
"Safety Through Literacy"

Are you ready to have fun? Get your swim gear from our affiliate shop! We can't wait to swim with you!


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Read To Learn!
Read To Save A Life!

Kondo's Water Safety Day


Swim Surge Course-on Demand

(Water Safety and Basic Swim Skills)

This Course-on-Demand is fun swim knowledge at your finger tips!

We are your "on-demand" coach.

This course is for you if you're worried about:

~ Social Distancing at public pools

~ Expensive repeat classes

~ Insensitive Instructors

~ Bonding Time

~ Nervous Children

~ Limited Time

~Crowded Facilities

~ Personal Attention

~ Comfort

~ Safety

~ Your Child's Special Needs


Register for

Swim Surge Course-on-Demand

Swim Surge Course-on-Demand is a virtual course which coaches parents to teach their children water safety and basic swim skills. This is a 4 week course consisting of on-demand video coaching and a Q&A discussion platform. 



Swimaginary offers swimming lessons and water safety training. In addition, as an aquatic education provider, we offer swim instructor training, and virtual water safety courses. These classes are offered year-round.

Learn to Swim


The Swim Surge curriculum is focused on safety skills, critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, kinetics, and enjoyment. These skills will provide a more complete understanding of water benefits and dangers and the student’s connection to nature and the world around them. Our curriculum maintains adherence to high standards and is continually updated and improved.    

Swim Samples (Sweet Samples)

Swimaginary searches for great products to share with our Beachy Family and posts them on our website (The Beach Market) and social media outlets. We also sell many of these products online at the beach market and offer them at local festivals, expos, and events throughout the country. This includes the popular "Shea Butter," distributed by Agyei Shea used by many swimmers to protect their skin. Check out our Events page to see where we will be next. 


"GoGo Squeeze!"

We Are Part of A Network of

Learn-To-Swim Providers

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